Frequently Asked Questions


1 - Is this SSD hard drive in use with external SSD hard drive adapter same as comparable to a USB stick or an external hard drive?

The 2.5 "SSD hard drive works the same as a 3.5" HDD hard drive, it is only of his form of compact, lightweight, robust and starting faster with the installed PC operating systems.


2 - What are the advantages of SSD external hard drive adapter?

With external SSD hard drive adapter it is possible to use a 2.5 "SSD hard drive externally and easily.

Until now all of the desktop PC with 3.5 "HDD or 2.5" SSD hard drive are firmly mounted internal.


The possibility of a removable or external hard drive allows a new application aspects and gives the user more data security under the slogan "it is only safe if the hard drive is not connected to power lines."


By the external application, the desktop PC users can operate with its SSD hard drive including pre-installed operating systems and software in others desktop PC.






Desktop PC application with SSD hard drive adapter


There are two possibilities for the use of external SSD hard drive adapter.

So that this to get more information for the consumer, the following was explained.


1 - Ability to use with newly purchased desktop PC (the simpler application)


Election of the new desktop PC

For optimal use with external hard disk SSD adapter should be considered when purchasing new desktop PC exactly if the following equipment of desktop PCs are available:

- Mobile rack

- Internal SSD Hard Drive


Desktop PC rebuilt

After buying the internal SSD hard drive is removed and installed from the desktop PC to the external hard disk SSD adapter with the Mobile Rack.

Your Desktop PC is now connected to a external SSD hard disk.


Application with SSD hard drive adapter

To ensure that your external hard disk SSD can start properly, is first set equal to the BIOS at start up. During start up by pressing Delete on the keyboard and SSD hard disk at the start of this DVD as a 2nd Position placed.

After adjustment, the system starts again and restore your desktop PC will automatically recognize with external hard disk.


2 - Ability to use with an existing desktop PC


Installation of Mobile Racks

Equipment belongs to a commercially available 3.5" Mobile Rack.


Desktop PC rebuilt

A 3.5" Mobile Rack is installed in desktop PC.

Then the SSD hard disk adapter can be inserted with a SSD hard drive in the Mobile Rack.


Use with an external 2.5 "SSD hard drive

So that the SSD hard drive works with the desktop PC, it should be first transferred from the 3.5" hard disk with operating system.

These steps are described as follows:

- Insert the SSD hard drive adapter with a SSD hard drive into the PC

- Insert the CD backup software (recommended Backup & Recovery Acronis True Image)

- Start of PCs and automatically start the backup software

- Backup and recovery of 3.5" HDD to 2.5" SSD hard drive

- Sample start from external 2.5" SSD hard disk with BIOS changeover

- Removed permanently fixed 3.5" hard drive from the desktop PC





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