iSmarteSolution GmbH

Marsstrasse 2

CH-4123 Allschwil


Phone:     +41 61 481 04 13

Mobile:     +41 78 766 77 20

E-Mail:     info@ismartesolution.com

Website: www.ismartesolution.com


Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 17.00 clock


Represented by the Managing Director Le Thanh Phuong.


1 – General

The following conditions apply to all future similar contracts with iSmarteSolution GmbH, Marsstrasse 2, CH-4123 Allschwil.

Terms of our business partners are not relevant, they shall be deemed rejected, even if they remain uncontradicted by us.

Changes to the contract, including these conditions in writing.

Our offer is valid only for the private, commercial, professional or self-regulatory requirements.

We reserve the right to make changes prior to the conclusion of the products, which improve the performance.

From Production and reproduction of technical reasons, the depicted products have slight variations in color to the original.


2 – contracts

A contract is only concluded when the order confirmation via e-mail or by delivery or pickup of the goods ordered. iSmartAdapter GmbH reserves the right at any time to stop all outstanding deliveries or to require advance payment, if between the conclusion and performance reasons to doubt the reliability of the customer occur or occurs late payment of any invoice.


3 – Prices

All prices are net prices in CHF (Swiss Francs) including value added tax (VAT).

Additional costs (eg shipping, packaging costs, according to the chosen means of payment surcharges) are reported separately and in addition.


Our current shipping costs we charge a flat from our website.

Technical changes, errors and printing errors excepted. iSmartAdapter GmbH Price may change at any time without previous notice. In the sale price no counseling and support services are included.


4 – Payment

The delivery of the goods is on the online order in the PAYPAL with credit cards or e-banking. Orders are payable immediately.

Cash is in our headquarters iSmarteSolution GmbH, Marsstrasse 2, CH-4123 Allschwil possible.


5 – Delivery

We deliver your order for our products in 1 no later than 2 business days (Mon-Fri) - in the whole of Switzerland and around the world. Delivery dates and deadlines are for iSmarteSolution GmbH only binding if they are confirmed in writing by iSmarteSolution GmbH via email. Delivery will be made only after receiving an incoming payment to an account of iSmarteSolution GmbH payment or receipt of an authorization confirmation from PayPal.

Delivered directly to the customer, announced delivery address and contact person.

By delays of delivery, the customer will be informed immediately by iSmarteSolution GmbH. Should not all ordered products in stock, iSmarteSolution GmbH is to make partial deliveries, at its expense, if this is reasonable for the customer.


6 - Return Policy

We grant a 10-day return policy from delivery. Within that period, in original packaging and undamaged goods with Supplement to the sales document to be returned at buyer's expense for a refund of the value of iSmarteSolution GmbH.

Sealed items can only be returned in unopened condition. A broken seal in all cases, as open.


7 - defects and other liability

In case of defects, subject to the following rules, the statutory warranty. Obvious defects must be notified within one week after delivery and hidden defects within one week after approval.

When an injury tort, contractual or pre-contractual obligations by the iSmarteSolution GmbH, the designated sales company or its agents, be liable for intentional and grossly negligent damage is limited.

Liability for direct or indirect damages, including lost profits is excluded.


8 – Garantie

As proof of the order is confirmed or as a receipt of our Sales Center. The order confirmation will be sent after completion of the order to the customer by e-mail and the customer is kept in a safe. If there is no proof of any warranty, guarantee claim becomes void.


9 - Changes and additions

iSmarteSolution GmbH expressly reserve, the present General Terms and Conditions at any time to adapt to the conditions and to change and immediately apply.


10 – Divers

The customer's transmitted when ordering data are used solely to process orders.

A transfer of data to third parties, for example the shipping service is only if this is necessary for the processing of the order. By internet orders: The order information is encrypted and securely transmitted. iSmarteSolution GmbH assumes no liability for data security during transmission over the Internet, eg because of technical problems of the provider, or other unauthorized third-party access to the data.

The exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes is Liestal. iSmarteSolution GmbH, however, reserves the right to take on even the ordinary jurisdiction of the customer to court. Applicable Material Swiss law, excluding conflicts of law.


As of December 2012.



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